Tasting Notes

Caramel, Toffee and Sweet

Shop coffee beans from the best UK independent roasters with caramel-tasting notes that bring a perfect sweetness to your cup. These sweet-sweet coffee beans are meticulously sourced to deliver a truly satisfying and flavourful experience. Each sip should be giving you smooth caramel feels and the…

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Chocolatey and Rich

Discover drop's range of coffee beans with chocolate and cocoa-tasting notes. With a rich body, these coffee beans are perfect with or without milk. Whether you prefer a velvety smooth cappuccino or a bold espresso shot, our meticulously curated selection has something to satisfy every chocolatey…

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Fruity, Citrus and Floral

From juicy apple and orange acidity to aromatic tea-like flavours, shop drop's selection of fruity, citrus and floral coffee beans. These coffee beans bring you another level of complexity over the more traditional straight-coffee drinking notes like chocolate or caramel. These beans are often…

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Nutty and Spice

Find your perfect coffee brew with our selection of coffee beans with nutty or spiced tasting notes. If you're looking for a hint of hazelnut, almond or a peppery sensation, these coffees are for you. When exploring these coffee beans, you'll notice a generous representation of Brazilian and…

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