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Frinsa Sarapan Indonesia - 250g

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Frinsa Sarapan Indonesia - Round Hill Roastery

Frinsa Sarapan is an exciting newbie from Round Hill Roastery that offers a real taste of Indonesia. These coffee beans, roasted specifically for filter brewing, come from the Frinsa Estate on the island of Java where Wildon Mustafa is super keen on experimenting with processing.

Often, exciting new techniques are used to make wild for wilds sake coffees that stand out for their complete uniqueness, but this one uses lactobacillus cultures to influence the fermentation of the coffee cherries.

Lactobacillus doesn’t instantly sound delicious, but the process- similar to the fermentation of milk- when combined with washing, creates a coffee that is extremely clean but sweet and full bodied with a real sense of its origin and tasting notes of fig, pear and lemon mint. This coffee makes use of the Sigarar Utang varietal that was developed in Indonesia to provide clean and sweet coffees like this one while resisting leaf rust.

The careful choices behind this coffee show the huge changes in the quality of specialty coffee from Indonesia.

Somerset has a thriving speciality coffee scene and Round Hill Roastery, based just outside Bath, are a key player. This coffee roaster focuses on single farm and single estate coffee allows them to create strong relationships direct with suppliers and bring truly unique coffee and complete transparency to their customers.

Round Hill roast their coffee specifically for either filter or espresso so they can bring out the best in their beans and their bright bags make things simple: blue for filter, pink for espresso.

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