This is drop.
drop is a place where you can shop natural wine, spirits & speciality coffee all in one place, from loads of the very best independent businesses. The independents who we reckon do it way better than any of the big corps.
And we love it.

For us to tell you how we got here, we need to back you back to 2020.

Back to when the world was grim and we had nothing going on but daily 5pm briefings and Chris Whitty to keep us entertained. We found ourselves daydreaming about how to share our love for independents with the masses. Not like a big corporate machine, but with soul and love, without being hippies about it.
So, as mad as it was in the middle of a pandemic, LOCAL NCL was born; a casual, old-school cornershop & coffeehouse in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.
A little corner shop that celebrates the local and independent businesses, selling everything from freshly ground coffee to ice cream, bakery goods to beers.

We got busier and being a team of baristas and wine lovers with a pretty unique set of digital skills, we realised we could do more to support independents. We decided that we were going to do more showcase these wonderful producers and products, maybe just further afield, as well as connecting with some more amazing small, independent business from across the UK.

This is when DROP was born.

We exist to support small independents who do it so well. We do this, while staying true to ourselves and providing the same exceptional service as we do in our little Jesmond shop, just this time, online.

On that note. We believe that coffee roasteries & wine makers should be experts in their field. That's what you will find here, but the point is that we believe these producers should spend their precious time crafting products. Not having to spend their time, building websites, faffing with marketing or arguing with the delivery man. We'll do all that bit, so if you want to us to drop your product here, just hola at: and we'll email you.

this is drop. mic drop.

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