Wine Origins


The Austrian wine industry is possibly most infamous for its 1980s Antifreeze scandal, when revelations of chemical adulteration almost destroyed the market. This controversy did however force the country to tackle mass production and low standards while redirecting makers to focus on quality,…

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Grape varieties grown in Chile are largely of Spanish or French origin. Pais is used to great effect in rustic jug wines, while modern wines like Cabernet Sauvignon are being perfected with a distinct Chilean style. Natural winemakers in Chile benefit from the ‘pure’ ungrafted vines grown…

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As some of the most northern vineyards in the world, Germany produces many unique varieties or cross varieties that are frost resistant. Preserving these historic vines is incredibly important to the German wine industry- which is where the chemical free and ecological philosophy of natural wine…

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There is wine production on almost every large Greek island and peninsula, and larger-scale farming on the mainland appellations of Attica, Macedonia and Thessaly. Previously, Greek wines were enjoyed exclusively by locals and tourists but rarely exported. A combination of the ancient history,…

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It’s hard to do justice to the sheer diversity of Italian wine- with producers and consumers alike embracing its numerous native grapes.. The geography of Italy makes it a natural fit for wine growing- with mountainous terrain dominating the long peninsula of the country where the mediterranean…

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Though grapes had been grown on the Iberian peninsula for millennia, the influence of the Romans on Portuguese wine production was enormous. Britain too has played a big part in expanding Portugal’s wine industry, with the English crown having a virtual monopoly on the Portuguese wine trade between…

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