Baby Bandito, Chin Up 2022

perfect for: When you need a seriously gluggable lower abv red wine

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  • 2022
  • South Africa
  • 11.5%
  • 750ml
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Yes
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Baby Bandito, Chin Up 2022 - Testalonga

Back again with those same tart cherry and sweet apple notes, 2022's Chin Up Cinsault by Craig and Carla Hawkins/ Testalonga is a light-bodied and clean red that's full of Ribena fruitiness with the faintest hint of liquorice spice as it warms up.

Fully deserving of its hype, last year's vintage flew off our shelves and we'd put money on this doing the same.

Started by Craig and Carla Hawkins in 2008, South African brand Testalonga strives to produce wine from grapes and nothing else. Their wines are made as naturally and with as little intervention as possible from grapes grown on various small, organic vineyard sites in the Swartland region. Organic viticulture is uncommon in this area, but Craig is very clear on his approach: to create wines his own way, for his own satisfaction and to his own taste. He has been appreciated by experts across the globe for his ability to create handcrafted wines abundant in authenticity and with great consistency.

The product is wine that sits outside of the mainstream and oozes personality. The Baby Bandito range,(Keep on Punching, Stay Brave, Follow Your Dreams, and Chin Up) take their names from words of encouragement you might give to a child, and Testalonga wines are full of these quirks and stories. These wines are real crowd pleasers loved far and wide for their rich flavour and unique visual presence.

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