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Mexico Nahual - Hard Lines Coffee Roasters

This tasty Mexican coffee, roasted by Hard Lines in Cardiff, comes from the state of Guerrero, where almost all coffees (including this one!) are naturally processed. These coffee beans are sweet and well-rounded, perfect for espresso brewing.

The Mexican coffee industry is challenged by poverty, emigration and climate change, all of which hit indigenous communities, like the the Me’phaa people of Guerrero, hardest. Ensambles Cafés Mexicanos are one group building a sustainable network and supply chain for Mexican farmers. With quality, equity and social welfare at heart, they've grown from 5 to 193 producers in just 6 years. Their promotion of selective picking, sorting and processing means UK roasters can promote the best of Mexican coffee.

We are long-time Hard Lines coffee fans. Based in Cardiff, Hard Lines Coffee Roasters select and roast great coffee that’s been sustainably sourced in order to build long lasting relationships with their producers. They know that coffee isn't just about… the coffee, it’s about relationships, quality, design, and having fun, roasting coffee that’s bursting with flavour but keeping it fresh and not too serious throughout. Their loud, vibrant packaging will draw you in and the top quality flavours will leave you wanting another cup.

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