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Odyssey v2 Espresso Blend - 250g

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  • Cherry, butterscotch, black forest gateau
  • 250g
  • Blend
  • Blends
  • No
  • Espresso
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Odyssey v2 Espresso Blend - Spaceboy Coffee

We’ve been enjoying Spaceboy’s espresso blend in the drop office for the past month, but we can't keep this cherry filled delight to ourselves any longer. Odyssey is Spaceboy founder Finn’s quest to create the perfect espresso shot, and he’s achieved it with v2.

This blend uses a base of coffee beans from Brazil which provide a great base of chocolatey body, complimented by standout sweet cherry notes from a natural Burundi, all rounded out by some clean acidity from a washed Colombian.

Delicious with or without milk, Odyssey v2 gives an instant hit of black forest gateau in the cup that got big ‘ooo’s from the team.

Spaceboy's recommended recipe:

18g coffee in

36ml espresso out

30-35s brew time

All businesses are projects, but Spaceboy has been a PROJECT for founder and award winning roaster Finn Mclean. The roasting machine at Edinburgh based Spaceboy has been crowdfunded and carefully hand-built over the last two years, completely custom designed to give the team an unmatched level of roasting flexibility. Finn's experimental approach is reflected in his coffees, fun, funky and a bit wild - all things we can get behind. After sourcing the best quality green beans, the perfect roast-profile is tested to achieve the best representation of the coffee’s profile, which can be replicated with incredible accuracy. With no desire to open a coffee shop of their own, all the focus for Spaceboy is on roasting up the good stuff, supplying cafés and people like us with expertly roasted coffee beans.

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