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Ethiopia Gelanabaya - 227g

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Ethiopia Gelanabaya - Hundred House Coffee

Hundred House’s latest fun and fruity Ethiopian coffee beans come from Gelanabaya washing station in the famed Yirgacheffe region. The immensely high altitude, indigenous heirloom varieties and deep rooted local culture and history of coffee production combine for incredible quality micro-lot coffee.

This particular lot has undergone an innovative natural ‘wine process’ fermentation (which sounds right up our street). During this process-which borrows techniques from the controlled fermentation of grapes for wine- coffee cherries are fermented in sealed stainless steel tanks without oxygen and the temperature carefully monitored. As CO2 is released, it builds up in the tank and is released through a valve- allowing for an extended fermentation of 4-5 days that is dictated by temperature.

The coffee is then dried traditionally on raised African beds and transported for export processing.

The result of this intense process is juicy and sweet, with notes of pear drops and tropical Lilt.

Hundred House Coffee have been roasting in the Shropshire hills since 2017. From their small rural home near the Welsh border, they’ve opened a dialogue with rural farming communities all over the world to source the best coffee as ethically as possible. Co-founders Matthew Wade and Anabelle De Gersigny focus on careful small batch roasting backed by decades of coffee experience. The team at Hundred House’s passion for culture means their coffee also supports the creative community through outreach and collaboration.

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