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Costa Rica El Perezoso - 250g

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Costa Rica El Perezoso - Fika Coffee

Costa Rican coffee stands out for its experimental processing and incredible level of traceability- both of which are demonstrated in these Black Honey coffee beans roasted by Fika in Durham.

This lot is a blend from 3 estates- El Tanque, El Sol Del Este, and Don Chano- in Costa Rica’s West Valley coffee region. Farms and mills in this area are close together and the coffee industry infrastructure is more sophisticated than in other origins, encouraging collaboration and innovation. It takes its name ‘Perezoso’ from the Spanish word for Sloth, reflecting the slow process of the shade grown coffee and honey processing on these farms. The black honey process is long and laborious and involves leaving 100% of the mucilage on the coffee bean for fermentation and drying, resulting in sweet and complex cups like this one.

Prominent blackcurrant and red grape tasting notes are supported by milk chocolate body and a nutty aroma.

Coffee beans roasted fresh in the cathedral city of Durham, Fika and founder Matt strive to bring the best quality speciality coffee to the UK. As one of our longest standing suppliers, we've been lucky enough to experience many incredible coffees from these fellow North East coffee lovers.

They balance a love for coffee with a love of the land it comes from and the people who farm it, donating sales to support those who rely on the sector for income. Fika means social break in Swedish, a time to drink coffee and relax with others. Coffee is best served with friends, something Fika keep at the very heart of their brand.

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