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Burundi Izuba - Triple Co Roast

Izuba washing station in Burundi’s Kayanza Province is nestled in the ideal coffee production and processing location. The nearby farms that contribute to the station are rich in minerals and sit at altitudes of over 1500MASL, while Izuba is situated on the banks of a river that provides fresh water for processing.

These coffee beans roasted by Bristol based Triple Co Roast have been processed in a unique Anoxic Water Pillow Washed process which goes as follows:

  • Coffee cherries are received and floated for quality control.
  • Coffee cherries are placed in a hermetically sealed fermentation tank and covered in a sheet.
  • Water is poured to create an anoxic vacuum called a ‘water pillow’ that helps to maintain a temperature controlled environment.
  • 48-72 hours fermentation
  • Coffee is drained and rinsed
  • The coffee then finishes being pulped, washed and dried on raised beds for between 15 and 20 days.

The resulting coffee is a super sweet brew with notes of honey and fig, with plenty of Braeburn apple acidity.

Triple Co Roast is a speciality roaster in the heart of Bristol , inspired by founder Jo’s studies in California.

Their mission is to small batch roast high quality coffee beans, buy green coffee via true direct trade, and focus on having amazing roaster-to-customer relations as an open-access roastery. This triple focus gives them their name and ensures delicious, ethical coffee and great transparency and knowledge right through to the customer.

Triple Co are also absolute whizzes with espresso machinery and really value education in coffee, so you can get the best from their product.

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