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El Salvador Tuxpal Estate - Spaceboy Coffee

Spaceboy’s offering from El Salvador comes from large specialty estate Café Tuxpal who have been producing coffee in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range since the 19th century. This lot blends perfectly ripe Bourbon and Pacas varieties, named for Tuxpal’s ancestor Fernando Alberto Pacas Figueroa, which then undergo a honey process to create a deliciously well-rounded cup.

We love the care Spaceboy founder Finn puts into his roasting, choosing coffee beans specifically for his hand built roaster and custom roasting to every individual coffee. We’re getting big fruit and nut vibes from this one, with sweet date, raisin and caramel undercut by grape acidity- perfect for a sticky espresso.

All businesses are projects, but Spaceboy has been a PROJECT for founder and award winning roaster Finn Mclean. The roasting machine at Edinburgh based Spaceboy has been crowdfunded and carefully hand-built over the last two years, completely custom designed to give the team an unmatched level of roasting flexibility. Finn's experimental approach is reflected in his coffees, fun, funky and a bit wild - all things we can get behind. After sourcing the best quality green beans, the perfect roast-profile is tested to achieve the best representation of the coffee’s profile, which can be replicated with incredible accuracy. With no desire to open a coffee shop of their own, all the focus for Spaceboy is on roasting up the good stuff, supplying cafés and people like us with expertly roasted coffee beans.

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