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How to brew coffee with a V60

How to brew coffee with a V60 blog image

read time: 2 minutes

date published: Feb 27, 2024

last updated: Mar 26, 2024

Beth's V60 Brew Guide

There are two important Vs in Beth’s life: Virgil Van Dijk and the V60. Sadly we can’t teach you how to be the best centre-back in the world, but we can tell you how to make filter coffee with a V60. 

The V60 coffee dripper is an iconic bit of filter coffee kit from Japanese coffee experts Hario and probably our go-to pour over method. Renowned for making clean tasting, high quality filter coffee, the V60 makes filter brewing easy.

This V60 brew guide uses the 02 dripper, perfect for making 2 cups of filter coffee, but can be scaled up or down for your brew. 

What you'll need

step 1.

Boil kettle and prepare equipment by rinsing the V60 filter papers, discarding the water and setting the V60 dripper and filter on top of a server.

step 2.

Weigh out or grind 30g coffee to a medium-fine grind size and add to your V60 dripper, making a crater in the centre of your coffee bed.

step 3.

Start timer and pour 60g water to begin the bloom phase of your brew - first into the crater and then around. Swirl to make sure all of the coffee is covered.

step 4.

Wait for 35 seconds.

step 5.

Slowly pour 250g of water in a circular motion around the inside of your V60 dripper.

step 6.

Wait for 10 seconds, allowing some brewed coffee to drip through. 

step 7.

Slowly and steadily pour the remaining 200g of water into the dripper, making sure to pour around the edges of the dripper.

step 8.

Stir your coffee once clockwise and once anticlockwise to ensure there is no clumping.

step 9.

Wait for the coffee to finish brewing and drip through, you’re looking for a nice flat bed of coffee in the bottom of your dripper and around 3 minutes total brew time.

step 10.

Serve and enjoy 

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