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How to brew coffee with an AeroPress

How to brew coffee with an AeroPress blog image

read time: 2 minutes

date published: Jan 12, 2024

last updated: Feb 21, 2024

Frenchie's AeroPress Brew Guide

Last year at LOCAL, we had a latte art competition and the prize was an AeroPress. Frenchie won, and we’ve created an AeroPress making monster. 

If you're looking for AeroPress instructions, you're in the right place. Learn how to use your AeroPress in 10 easy steps with this guide to getting the best from this handy bit of kit.

Makes 2 Cups

What you'll need

step 1.

Boil your water and prepare your aeropress by popping a filter into the Aeropress cap and screwing the cap onto the chamber.

step 2.

Weigh out or grind 15g of your favourite coffee.

We always recommend grinding fresh for the best results - for AeroPress coffee you want a grind size that’s medium-fine: somewhere between espresso and pour over.

step 3.

Add your ground coffee into the Aeropress chamber, make sure it’s level, place it on top of your cup on the scales and tare the scales.

step 4.

Start your timer and pour 100g water onto the coffee in a circular motion to begin the bloom process.

step 5.

Leave to bloom for 1:30 (It’s okay for coffee to begin to drip through).

step 6.

After 1:30, pour the remaining 150g water to fill the AeroPress chamber up to the ‘4’ marker.

step 7.

Once filled, stir back and forth for even distribution and to prevent clumping.

step 8.

Put the AeroPress plunger on top of the chamber, just enough to create a seal, and give the AeroPress a quick swirl.

step 9.

Plunge the AeroPress slowly and gently, about 30 seconds, until your hear a slight hiss, extracting the coffee into your cup.

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step 10.


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