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How to brew coffee with a Chemex

How to brew coffee with a Chemex blog image

read time: 2 minutes

date published: Feb 21, 2024

last updated: Feb 21, 2024

Guy's Chemex Brew Guide

We’re card-carrying members of the Chemex fan club. Guy might even be the president.

This beautiful bit of kit is the perfect addition to the breakfast table, making a real centrepiece white providing enough great tasting filter coffee to share around. 

Here's drop's Chemex recipe for 4, with step-by-step instructions for using your Chemex 3-6 cup

What you'll need

step 1.

Boil kettle and prepare your equipment. 

Fold your filter paper in half and give it a rinse with hot water- let drip through and discard the water. This ensures any papery taste is removed.

step 2.

Weigh out or grind 50g coffee. We used a fruity Peruvian for this brew. Put ground coffee into the filter paper, shake to level and tare the scale. 

step 3.

Pour 100g water in a circular motion saturating the coffee to begin the bloom phase. Give it a swirl to ensure all coffee is fully covered.

step 4.

Wait for 15 seconds, watching the bubbles escaping as it blooms. 

step 5.

Pour 250g water in a circular motion, first around the edges of the filter then covering the full coffee bed. 

step 6.

Wait for the coffee to drip through- around 20 seconds.

step 7.

Pour 300g water to top up the brewer to 650g, use a spoon to stir if needed, and wait for coffee to drip through again- This Chemex brew should take about 5 minutes to complete from start to finish.

step 8.

Remove the filter and discard. 

step 9.

Serve in the Chemex carafe, pour and enjoy. 

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