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Brazil Dbarbosa Peaberry - 227g

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Brazil Dbarbosa Peaberry - Hundred House Coffee

This Brazilian peaberry coffee from Hundred House, comes from Danilo Barbosa, who represents the fifth coffee producing generation of the Barbosa family in Minas Gerais.

Typically, within each coffee cherry you can find two beans, but peaberry coffee is a natural mutation that results in only a single bean that is small, round, and supposedly offers a smoother and less acidic cup. To produce a peaberry coffee, these beans must be handpicked from their lot during harvesting, and roasted extra carefully to account for the difference in shape. This coffee has also undergone natural fermentation- dried in the dun to develop a molasses sweetness with a raspberry acidity.

Hundred House Coffee have been roasting in the Shropshire hills since 2017. From their small rural home near the Welsh border, they’ve opened a dialogue with rural farming communities all over the world to source the best coffee as ethically as possible. Co-founders Matthew Wade and Anabelle De Gersigny focus on careful small batch roasting backed by decades of coffee experience. The team at Hundred House’s passion for culture means their coffee also supports the creative community through outreach and collaboration.

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