Passione Natura


Passione Natura was born from the passion shared by Leonardo Pizzolo and Davide Quintili for natural winemaking. Together they offer years of experience in organic and biodynamic farming, and the production of high quality grapes and wines. Passione Natura wines are made from grapes grown by a number of different farmers, all of whom are certified biodynamic and organic, and based on Italy’s Adriatic Coast. Pizzolo and Quintili believe that both grapes and their growers should be treated with the utmost respect, and that the value of wine can be measured in the wholesomeness of the winemaking method; intervention is therefore minimal in both the growing and processing of the grapes. Despite using numerous grape suppliers, Passione Natura guarantees the complete traceability of the product so you’ll always know where your wine has come from and where it’s been.

wine from Passione Natura

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