Domaine Jeandauge


Sébastien Fézas took over Domaine Jeandauge, that had been in his family for generations, back in 2012 and immediately set to work converting the once traditionally farmed estate to incorporate organic methods. Although still strongly influenced by the Gascogne tradition, he has introduced biodynamic and polycultural practices to the farm, and a biodiverse paradise has bloomed in the place of once regimented vineyards. Fézas was able to produce his first naturally vinified vintage in 2017, and he has an open minded and experimental approach to natural winemaking. You can see this in his expressive white “Party Fine”; it’s made from Colombard and Ugni Blanc grapes which are traditionally used to produce Cognac but in the hands of this talented winemaker creates a gorgeous, mineral-driven wine.

wine from Domaine Jeandauge

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