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“Breaking The Rules - One Bottle At A Time”. The tagline of Renegade Winery is a battlecry for all those unsatisfied with the mainstream wine industry. Based in Bethnal Green, East London, they do not grow grapes but purchase small parcels of specially selected, top quality fruit from around the UK and Europe. This puts Renegade in a unique position; unbound by vintage, they're able to produce quality wines at consistent levels, and their wines are free to change year on year with styles rarely being repeated. Whilst the wines are produced and bottled in London, they aren't “English” wines. Renegade originally produced wines according to instruction from growers, but soon started putting their individual spin on the grapes. By marrying European tradition and London innovation, they create wines that are unique, thoughtful, and exciting. Even their labels reflect this philosophy, with each one showing the eyes of a different person who lives in the UK; they may not have been born here, or have gone to school here, but they are each a part of the rich cultural tapestry that makes the UK special. Renegade wines are ever-evolving, but each one is guaranteed to be absolutely bursting with personality.

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