Fattoria Di Vaira


The team at Fattoria di Vaira are champions of biodiversity and polyculture. For several years, the entire estate (which is one of the largest biodynamic farms in Italy with a mammoth 500 hectares) has been farmed according to strict biodynamic principles, which has worked wonders for the health of the soil (which now has a degree of purity nearly matching wild soil). Alongside the grapes, they cultivate vegetables, grains and cereals, and produce fresh cheeses, olive oil and honey. They see the farm as an “agricultural organism” in which all elements can work together in mutual benefit; by utilising traditional, natural methods, Fattoria di Vaira seeks to maintain and sustain the balance between natural resources and human presence. In the winery it’s wild, indigenous yeasts only, and wines are bottled without fining or filtration. Everything at Fattoria di Vaira is done with immense care and thoughtfulness, and this really shines through in their wines.

wine from Fattoria Di Vaira

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