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How to brew coffee with a V60

How to brew coffee with a V60 blog image

read time: 2 minutes

date published: Sept 01, 2023

last updated: Feb 16, 2024

Hario's V60 is an icon of filter brewing, it's quick and simple and produces a great clean cup when done right. This is how we brew a perfect V60.

We always use scales and a timer to get a nice accurate brew every time, and real pros use a gooseneck kettle, but the best thing about this method is that it can be adapted to whatever equipment you have!

For the freshest coffee, we use a home grinder - for a V60 a medium to fine grind works best.

What you'll need

step 1.

Place your V60 filter papers into your V60 (make sure to use the right size for your brewer) and place the V60 onto your fave mug or server. Rinse the paper with hot water to get rid of any papery taste then pour away the water.

step 2.

Place 15g (around 1 scoop) of ground coffee in your filter and give it a tap on the counter to get it nice and level.

step 3.

Pour 50g of freshly boiled water onto the coffee bed, pouring in a circular motion from the inside outwards. Give it a swirl to get all the grounds covered.

Wait for 30 seconds- this is the bloom phase, you should see any gases trapped in the coffee escaping as bubbles.

step 4.

Pour in 80g of water in a spiral around the edge of the dripper and wait for around 5 seconds to allow for some coffee to drip through.

step 5.

Pour in your final 125g of water in a spiral motion around the edge of the dripper and stir once clockwise and once anti-clockwise.

Wait for the rest of your coffee to drip through (this should take about 3 mins from start to finish) and enjoy!

This method is easily scaleable for your desired number of cups using a bigger V60.

This is a very standard method that can be adapted to make the best of different coffees, look out for brew notes on our individual bags as some coffees might benefit from a longer or shorter brew time or an altered ratio of coffee : water.

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