Catherine & Pierre Breton


The family vineyards of Catherine & Pierre Breton have been anchored in the Loire Valley since 1886, more than five generations. The Bretons are well versed in the practices of natural viticulture, having received organic certification in 1991 and introduced biodynamic methods in 1994. Focussing on quality, their grapes are grown in low yields which are hand harvested. Vinification involves exclusively indigenous and natural yeasts, and their wines are unfiltered with only minimal sulphur added upon bottling. Their methods are particularly impressive given that they farm in an area where the climate and soil can make organic viticulture difficult, and the pair’s hard graft produces wines (such as Avis de Vin Fort and Trinch) that are not only totally natural and unadulterated, but also super consistent and delicious.

wine from Catherine & Pierre Breton

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