Radford Dale

South Africa

Founded in 1998, the South African brand Radford Dale is the brainchild of Alex Dale, a Brit, and Ben Radford, an Aussie, who have many years of winemaking experience between them. They set up the brand with the sole intention of producing high-quality wines from vineyards spread across the Western Cape, and they sure have succeeded! Combining a keen pursuit of innovation and a healthy respect for tradition, they produce refined, elegant wines with complete individuality. Saying they prefer to follow the wisdom of the earth rather than the whims of mere mortals, they grow only those varietals of grapes that suit the terrior which give their wines are strong sense of place and make them really special, resulting in stunning wines like our fave Thirst Gamay. Radford Dale are known for their ethical, eco-friendly, and low intervention vinification methods, and are proud champions of both nature and the people they work with. They don't make wine for praise or commerciality; they just do whatever is needed to make wines that speak for themselves and where they're from.

wine from Radford Dale

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