Wildmakers (Luca Hodgkinson and Jose Miguel Sotomayor)


Wildmakers was born out of the friendship between José Miguel Sotomayor and Luca Hodgkinson, two super experienced winemakers with a shared love and fascination for the vine. Unsatisfied with the status quo of winemaking, the pair decided to go back to basics, leaving chemicals and mass production in the dust. The name Wildmakers speaks to their winemaking process: wild. Not necessarily crazy and uncultivated, but wild in natural expression. Wine as nature intended it. They use their knowledge and experience in organic, minimal intervention viticulture to create pure, expressive wines with a real sense of identity and place, producing superior quality wines like the Metic Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon at an unbelievably accessible price point. They use zero additives and don't practice aggressive operations (like cryo extraction) that would otherwise compromise the individuality and taste of the wine. Products of animal origin are also excluded so the wines are vegan friendly. Rest assured, Wildmakers will always provide clean, unfiltered wines with a whole lot of heart. Through their sensitivity and uncompromising commitment to quality, Sotomayor and Hodgkinson have created something unique and undeniably special.

wine from Wildmakers (Luca Hodgkinson and Jose Miguel Sotomayor)

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