You could easily believe that the blood of the dynamic Vesco family actually runs red with wine. Since acquiring their vineyards (which sit high in the Alcamo Hills of Sicily) in the 1990s, they have revolutionised the viticulture practices, implementing organic methods and heavily investing in some cutting edge tech. The situation, terrior, and climate of the vineyards are all perfectly balanced and suited to producing super quality grapes, and intervention is therefore kept low in both the growing and winemaking stages so as not to undo nature’s hard work. Wines are unfiltered which give them a lovely hazy appearance, and methods such as night harvesting and temperature controlled fermentations result in a brightness and freshness that is just unmatched. The Vescos are a fierce spearhead of Sicily’s natural wine movement, believing that natural, low-intervention methods are the future of Sicilian wine. In using indigenous grape varieties such as Cataratto in cult fave Baglio Antico, Ciello helps deliver a taste of natural Sicily to wine-lovers throughout the world.

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