Les Caves de Pyrene and Luca Hodgkinson


The La Patagua and La Cueva wines were born of a collaboration between importer, distributor and retailer of wines Les Caves de Pyrene and winemaker Luca Hodgkinson. The aim of their project is to produce excellent value, natural wines that faithfully reflect the place they come from. Both parties are passionate about indigenous grapes, diversity, and organic viticulture, and believe that environment and terrior should be respected and allowed to shine. The folks at Les Caves de Pyrene champion hardy, independent winemakers who pour their hearts and souls into creating wines of character, and Luca Hodgkinson certainly fits this description. To Luca, wine is “pure emotion in a glass”, something that should never be sullied by artificial additives, pesticides, or fertilizers. He lets nature do what it does best, and it really shows in his wines which are bursting with Chilean charm and character.

wine from Les Caves de Pyrene and Luca Hodgkinson

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