Matthias Warnung


Matthias Warnung produces really interesting wines from his 10 hectares of organically tended vines in the Kamptal region of Austria. He took over the winery from his father in 2010 having spent time working with other natural winemakers such as Craig Hawkins (the famed South African behind Testalonga). He is a passionate and careful young winemaker who knows that good things take time; he doesn't like to rush things, observing that “you imprint this haste onto the wine”. It comes as no surprise then that no matter which of his wines you choose, they each exude the same serenity and precision but also fun, like the deep pink rosé Basis Nobody. They are also fermented spontaneously with minimal added sulphur and are unfiltered. He knows how to produce wines of unbelievable freshness, elegance and compactness.

wine from Matthias Warnung

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