Gonzalo Grijalba


Wii Gonzalo Grijalba, the maker of Gran Cerdo, has dedicated their wines to the bank executives who refused to offer them loans on the basis that wine is not a seizable asset. Their hope is that those “greasy and sweaty corporate suits” (represented by the money eating pigs on the label) will someday understand that the best things in life cannot be impounded. Fortunately for us, Gonzalo didn't let this stop them, and managed to produce their wines with the help of friends. Wii Gonzalo Grijalba is a dedicated and passionate winemaker, and fiercely protective and respectful of the terroir of their family vineyards; by implementing natural treatments and biodynamic practices, they were able to revive the vitality of the vines. Their rejection of chemical treatments and conformism is personal, as their father became ill from years of contact with chemical herbicides and pesticides. Gonzalo’s wines are the soulful product of dedication and friendship.

wine from Gonzalo Grijalba

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