Patrice Beguet


Patrice Beguet left a hectic life working as an IT consultant in Paris to return to Jura, where he was born, and pursue his dream of making natural wine. Having taken the Wine Diploma at Beaune, he acquired 4 hectares of vines in his home village of Mesnay and quickly got to work implementing organic and biodynamic methods. In the place of chemical pesticides and fertilisers, herbal concoctions are used to strengthen and regulate the natural defences of the vines. He’s now Demeter certified, a huge achievement for such a small producer and testament to his hard work and commitment to all aspects of ecology. All Beguet’s wines are made without finding, filtration, or synthetic yeasts, and sulphur is rarely added. He also often uses long maceration to extract lots of texture and character. Drawing inspiration from his love of jazz and the diverse scenery of Jura, these wines are anything but predictable, and Beguet is no stranger to experimentation under his négoce label Big Bunch Theory. They are electric, textural, and captivating interpretations of the Jura terroir.

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