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Squeezy's Margarita 6 Can Gift Set

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Squeezy's Margarita 6 Can Gift Set - Whitebox Cocktails

A 6 x 100ml can gift set of Whitebox’s award-winning Squeezy’s Margarita canned cocktail. A pocket sized take on the ever-popular Mexican cocktail featuring fresh lime, tequila and triple sec - because what more do you need?!

Chill hard and sip straight from the can or serve over ice in a salt-rimmed glass with lime garnish.

Whitebox say this "We approach each idea as a blank canvas which allows us to make what we believe to be the best possible version of each canned cocktail." And boy have they succeeded.

All of Whitebox cans have been carefully crafted to be just like drinks served in the world's top cocktail bars, but they have been carefully adapted to live in a can. They even have a similar alcohol by volume (ABV) percentages to one you'd be served by a bartender.

Whitebox Cocktails have perfected everyone's favourite cocktails such as martinis, margaritas and old fashioneds, after their initial success with their little but mighty Pocket Negroni. Their range now stands at eight premixed drinks, and every single one is a pure delight to drink.

The team at drop often argue over which of the little canned cocktails are the best. Kate's firm favourite is Squeezy's margarita (and always will be), and she's the one writing this, so can claim that it is indeed the best.

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