Brothers Jean and Pierre Dietrich of the historic Domaine Achillée, have collaborated with fellow Alsatian winemakers Xavier Couturier and Pierre Sanchez of Duo Oenologie, to create Pépin. The label blends the best biodynamic grapes from their farms and beyond, working with 15 independent growers to support developing farms in the natural wine industry. Changeable depending on the grapes they buy, Pépin wines show the strong personal craftsmanship of their maker's hand. The growers are all friends who all have been working organically. They don’t follow the usual vintage to vintage structure and instead work to ‘lots’, meaning that customers can enjoy Pépin Blanc all year round. Batch to batch the winemaker and content may change, but the ethos and label stay the same. The product is pure, natural wine such as the crisply dry Blanc Sec, elegantly bottled without filtration or SO2- deliciously clean but beautifully cloudy.

wine from Pépin

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