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Umbra Espresso Blend - 250g

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  • Dark choc, roasted almonds, caramel
  • 250g
  • Blend
  • Blends
  • No
  • Espresso
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Umbra Espresso Blend - Bailies Coffee Roasters

This espresso blend from Bailies takes Colombian, Guatemalan, Brazilian and Indonesian coffee beans and roasts them up good and dark. This blend has been specifically designed to hold up to more developed roasting for a big hit of caffeine in the cup. Despite the intensity of this dark roasting, Umbra still provides plenty of smoothness and lots of aromatic nutty notes that is the perfect match for milky drinks.

We’ll be the first to admit to a bit of snobbishness about darker roasted coffees, but sometimes a big punch of pure coffee flavour is exactly what you need.

Founded by Russell Bailie in 2001 with a vision of championing specialty coffee in Northern Ireland, Bailies Coffee Roasters have been roasting, training, and award-winning in Belfast for almost 25 years and are a real cornerstone of the specialty coffee industry in the country.

While many of our coffee suppliers are fresh industry faces making big waves in today’s specialty coffee boom, sometimes you just can’t beat that level of experience. Having built a quarter of a century of partnerships and relationships with some of the world’s best coffee farms, producers and communities, Bailies have it in spades.

Throughout their journey, sustainability and quality control has been at the forefront, with Bailies’s passionate sourcing and roasting team bearing the massive responsibility of doing right by both the growers and drinkers of their incredible coffee.

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