Germán R. Blanco (Lively Wines)


Young Spanish winemaker Germán Blanco's projects are based in small villages across several of Northern Spain's most famous wine regions; Ribera del Duero, Bierzo and Rioja, and grouped under the umbrella Lively WInes. With Quinta Milù and Casa Aurora, Blanco sought to tell the stories of their small villages of origin. With La Bicicleta Voladora, a project for now consisting of one wine, he has worked with an established Riojan winemaker and organic growers with an intimate knowledge of the region to create a wine that is both respectful to Riojan histories while reinventing its .traditions of ageing. True to this, Blanco's wine is rustic but fresh and seeks to emphasise the flavour of his "happy grapes" through minimal intervention and maceration, no chemicals, and no wood- only what is necessary.

wine from Germán R. Blanco (Lively Wines)

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